Saturday, 5 September 2015

Watching a Bumble Bee

Besides reciting the poem in the class, I asked the pupils to write the poem in their exercise book as their homework.

Then, after reciting the poem the pupils are asked to make a bee mask.

I made the template beforehand which I refer from the Internet.

Poem Reading - Cats

Reading poem in the class by changing cat to different animals.


One cat, two cats, three cats, four,
Four cats scratching
At my gran's back door.

Five cats, six cats, seven cats, eight
Eight cat scratching
At my grandma's gate.

Eight cats, seven cats, six cats, five,
Five cats scratching
At the old bee-hive

Four cats, three cats, two cats, one,
One cat napping
In the noon-day sun

John Kitching

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

NOTICE - Year 4

English Year 4
Topic: Blogging
Focus: Writing 
Text book: page 68

My students are intermediate, so this piece of outcome was guided. The instruction was ...
Write a notice on 'A list of homework'.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lipatan dan Guntingan

Aktiviti lipatan dan guntingan ini mudah untuk dilakukan bersama-sama dengan murid kelas belakang. Pastikan kita sediakan kertas-kertas warna yang perlu digunting, tunjukkan contoh, pasti boleh disiapkan dengan cepat dan mudah. 

Simile on Sentence Strips

I did an activity with my fellow kids on Simile. I prepared sentence strips and asked the kids to match the similies. Group them into 4 and asked them to cut the strips, match and paste them together. 

*Note: this activity can be done as an induction session (provided that the amount of simile must not be too many, or maybe change it into worksheets, depending to the students level of knowledge)

As you can see, from here we can identify their cooperation in doing teamwork and testing their prior knowledge on simile.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


My name was listed to be one of the participant in this course. The course started last week. It's on every Wednesday, 8am to 4pm.. and the would be until February 2015.  

These are the module received.

Our first online session with the e-moderator exchanging greetings and discussing on our assignments.

A loooooooooooooooooong course to go through.